i guess related but i’ll make its own post about it. it’s weird, because that isn’t the first time i had been the subject of random photographers. another time when i was younger, i wanted to fly my kite. except it was winter time. i wasn’t going to be stopped by that.

i got my kite and went to the book factory across the street and to the area they had cleared to eventually build on (but still hadn’t) and started flying my kite in the middle of a wicked snowstorm. somehow a photographer spotted me out there in the thick of the wind and the snow flying my kite.

he asked to take a picture, and i said it was okay, and just kept flying my kite. it ended up on the front page of the nearby city’s newspaper.

randomly thinking about stuff. when i was a kid, maybe 10 or so, i was playing out in the yard in some leaves with two of my cats. a car pulled up nearby and a woman with a camera came out. she asked if she could take some pictures of me and my cats, as she was a photographer, and she happened to spot us as she was driving by. i said okay and i talked with her as i played with my kitties and she took pictures of us.

i wonder what they looked like. i’ll never know.

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  • me: but i look at games and its like staring into a gaping, yawning void
  • me: and i just lay down and roll away from it like 'bye'
  • saffy: yup
  • saffy: lmao
  • me: not even an energetic roll
  • me: but like a fat kid on a slight incline waiting on gravity roll
  • me: er
  • me: slight decline
  • saffy: lmfdofsd
  • me: whatev
  • me: like my 'bye' and 'nope' aren't even intense enough that i want to get away as fast as possible
  • me: but just
  • me: slowly roll away
  • saffy: lmao christ

working on the script for saffy’s webcomic now, oh boy. TIME TO PUT IN SOME GEMS LIKE ‘ROLLS HER EYES SO HARD THEY POP OUT OF HER SKULL AS SHE WHISPERS ‘this guy is a FUCKING TURD”

when you scare your friend awake by eating ribs

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the sims 4 announcements are so bleak and depressing out of context 

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y’all know the stray i was looking after? well he got to the shelter and he’s finally well enough that he’s listed on their website and on pet finder. this is him. i hope you get a home soon, Nitro, you were a sweetheart!

tumblr please don’t recommend a cluke blog to me, thanks